What’s All The Fuss About Then?

Jealous and incensed at the level of attention that has been devoted to What Katie Wore – which is ostensibly the parading of one girl’s horrendous choice in clothing – we set up What Jonty Wore.

Never before had we seen such horrendous choices of colour and pattern be melded together on one individual and when you combined the photos with the fawning, sycophantic text – which was invariably plugging some dire fashion label or horrendous jewellery maker – it was decided.

Something had to be done.

So after much deliberation – and a few rum and cokes – we registered the URL and setup WordPress. Bingo! This is what you see now.

We hope you’ll find it amusing, perhaps even funny.

What Jonty Wore is the brain child of Jon and his girlfriend. If you’ve got a problem with that we’d suggest you lighten up a bit or alternatively give us a call, here, have our number: 07913 786 926.

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