Taken When Jonty Thought He’d Won The Lottery

We had a brilliant day today counting all my seashells – that I’d collected when I went to the south of France with Max and Eleise – and watching some bootleg TR Warszawa DVDs Jonty had found in the local Oxfam (only £70 each, bargain!) on our retro black and white TV!

Things got even better later when Jonty told me he’d bought a lottery ticket earlier in the week just so that we could pretend to be like the common people and put all our hope into a sixteen million to one shot! It was going to be so ironic. Thoughtful Jonty.

The best bit was that whether we won or not didn’t matter because we still had each other and the money mummy and daddy send me every month!

Things got a bit heated when Jonty thought he’d won, he was quite excited and started talking about how he could finally buy a nice new Sony laptop and that he wouldn’t have to put up with this bullshit anymore. I didn’t understand that bit, it must be a work thing or something.

Unfortunately it turns out they do the lottery on Wednesday’s too. Poor Jonty.

Cap by street trader in Manhattan, t-shirt by Nike, jeans by The Gap, shoes by Emerica.

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