Taken When Jonty Was Getting Snowed On

It was so funny today!

I remember Jonty saying he was going out to the bin to throw my mango peelings away – for some reason he seems to think the sofa is a precious object – anyway I heard a loud crack and thought nothing of it.

Anyway it wasn’t until later – I was watching the last of my Sky+ recordings from over Christmas – that I noticed he wasn’t around. When I did though and saw him lounging around outside, boy was I giggling. Doesn’t he look so daft lying there in the snow!

He must have been gone for about four hours when I took this photo, look at his little face, it’s all blue.

It got me thinking his face is the exact same shade of blue as this amazing cardigan I saw for sale in Jigsaw the other day. It was so beautiful and only £125! Jonty in his usual mean spirited manner refused to get it. I’d “had enough” seemingly. Don’t know what his idea of enough is? £1,123.74? Humbug.

I think it’s important to get nice things. Goodness knows I put a lot of effort into coming up with brilliant, inspired fashion ideas all the time. It’s not as if I don’t work hard for the money my Daddy sends me every month.

I deserve nice things.

I am a bit cross though, Jonty hasn’t even come up to give me a back rub or anything, I’ve been sitting here typing this post and all the while he’s lazing about outside. Lazy Jonty.

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