Taken When Jonty Was Missing Me Terribly

Look at this photo. This is a man in inner turmoil!

I took it off his friend Iggy’s Facebook page. Just look at him, he’s distraught! I think he’s wearing jeans and a shirt from The Gap.

You can tell just by his facial expression that he’s really missing me, there’s something in his eyes, isn’t there?

This whole ‘I’m having a great time, eating pizza and watching Hancock!’ thing is such a cover story, what he really means is ‘I’m watching L’Âge d’or, drinking Pernod, eating olives and crying over my lost love.’. It’s so tragic.

All the while he’s wallowing in self pity, I’m here in London with Maxie and his new friends living the high life! Some of his friends are a bit odd though, last night after I woke up from my snooze – I got so sleepy all of a sudden! – I was trying to have a chat with Martin about Lulu Guinness and he thought I was talking about a drink?

Very odd.

Anyway, I must have missed all the fun because after I woke up from my snooze practically everyone had left. How boring.

In positive news though, Maxie’s offered to take me for lunch tomorrow! Seems he’s made a little bit of cash himself recently. That should get his daddy off his back!

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