Taken When Jonty Ventured Into The Heart Of Darkness

I’ve just been sent this on my iPhone.

I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how he took it and quite frankly I don’t care.

It came with a rambling message:

But theory is one thing, practice is another. Idealism, which has a Utopian quality, is inappropriate in a world where corrupt interests abound and where there are many who go on all fours. The last sentence in the report, an added footnote – exterminate all the brutes – refers us to the dark other side of his identity, “the soul satiated with primitive emotions”; it shows a descent from high to low, and that his civilizer’s concern for the distressed savages has turned to hatred – a Jekyll-to-Hyde turn. Of particular relevance in this respect is the significance of the portrait he has painted, the blindfolded torchbearer against the black background, which could be said to suggest, among other things, the simplicity of the ideal and the complexity of reality, the illusion of light and the truth of darkness. The monstrous prevails, and the human and artistic potential miscarries. There is a downward tug in Kurtz’s involvement with the wilderness and he descends into a brute existence. He is reduced to madness, and his aggressive impulses take control of him.

What the flip is that? Maxie reckons that he’s been reading his books again. It wouldn’t surprise me.

He’s got loads of books and I don’t mean cool books like Rankin’s Heidilicious or retro books like Madonna’s Sex but boring stuff with no pictures and just words!

It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he’d gone mad from reading. I mean it can’t be healthy can it?

Maxie says I should stay here for as long as I want but I can’t really, I’ve already missed Yogacise tonight because of Jonty, I don’t want to miss my Reiki healing session do I? Then again Maxie has offered to take me to Camden tomorrow and daddy has given me a few thousand for expenses, and really Jonty does need punishing.

Life is full of so many hard choices.

Anyway I’ll decide in the morning Maxie’s made me a Row Hip Knoll coffee – which is supposed to be so calming – so I’d better go and drink it. You see this is another reason for me to stay, you can only get Kenco in Nottingham, they’ve got all the cool brands down here.

Oh, almost forgot, it would appear that Jonty’s wearing a plain white t-shirt from Asda by George.

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