Taken When Jonty Fell Down The Stairs

Well, well, well, Jonty’s selfishness is at an all time high. He threw himself down the stairs in the middle of the night to try and make me cross. He’s wearing a dressing gown by Matalan.

As a result of his outrageous tantrum he’s ruined the piece I was working on, called In The Steps Of Genius.

When I found him this morning in that crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs he claimed he fell over the shoes in the middle of the night when he was coming down for some Robinsons! This is clearly a lie.

He obviously trashed up my piece out of jealousy of my, not inconsiderable, artistic talent. I spent almost forty minutes setting up that piece last night to have him come along and ruin it out of spite!

To top it all off he’s still there! Moaning about not being able to feel his legs. What about me, can’t he feel my pain? I was doing that piece for exhibition in Maxie’s gallery, it could have been the start of something big for me. Selfish Jonty.

I will post the pictures of In The Steps Of Genius when I finally set it all up again.

I may have to go and stay with Maxie for a bit.

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